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Exhibit Management 

Exhibit Management is a term unique to our industry. Within the walls of the LogiTrans / BTX offices, Exhibit Management is what we are all about. From coordinating Exhibits on tour, to white gloving a special delivery of Air Freight to your best client, Exhibit Management is a complete package with our team. It is common place for us to assist you in completing your show kits and understanding how Exhibits move from show to show. 
Once we have established a working relationship, one of our Exhibit Management Staff members will sit down with you for as long as is necessary to aid in planning out your show. Whether it is a single shipment consisting of just one portable display going to an individual show, or you are in the need of tour planning, LogiTrans /BTX will make every show count. 
Our web based Exhibit Management program has received excellent reviews from the many customers who utilize it on a daily basis. It will allow you to not only manage all of your shows, but your equipment, budget, properties, travel, and all related show expenses as well. Ask our Exhibit Management team leader to walk you through the easy process of making this tool work for you and your company. Our web based Exhibit Management program will make your job a breeze and your life far less hectic.
So what is Exhibit Management exactly? It is as much as you want it to be. Many companies will utilize a wide variety of staff who already are wearing many hats which carry many responsibilities. These individuals donít have the time to dedicate themselves fully to knowing what marshalling yard is under construction. What union laws will bind you down in certain Cities? Or, simply with the many responsibilities they already carry, Exhibit Transportation and Exhibit Management simply is an overbearing endeavor to try and get a handle on. Hence with LogiTrans/BTX you have just hired a knowledgeable and experienced staff for no extra cost that will take that burden from you. You still run the show, however now, without any of the pressure, you run our company also. 
How does a tradeshow work? What is a marshalling yard? What forms do you need to complete for each show? These are all services that our Exhibit Management program and staff will answer and complete for you. Doesnít that sound easy?....It is! Just give us a call to start making your life simpler and far more successful.


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